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Acrylic Nails

If you are looking for acrylic Nails near me, you came to the right place. Our professionals, guaranteeing the care and protection of your natural nails, giving you a luxury finish, exclusive to Yournailbar, perform this process. Acrylic nails last up to one month and can be molded or designed as you wish. Once your natural nails grow, you only need to touch up the root and perform monthly maintenance. The necessary root retouching to leave your acrylic nails as good as new. Pedicure Near Me Miami Lakes.

The Best Gel Nails

The Best Gel Nails, if you are a fan of manicure and you are wondering if acrylic or gel nails are better, we have a message for you. This ritual has become a moment of fun and relaxation, while other more professional hands will make our hands perfect. But there is only one step you can take: decide the type of manicure you like: acrylic or gel? Doubts and dramas will come if you do not read everything we tell you. You must review each document, the date of application, the shelf life and all the details of each one to know which one is the best for your needs. In fact, there is not much difference in terms of aesthetics. Pedicure Near Me Miami Lakes. Both help to visually lengthen the hand and give it a more attentive look. However, the wear and durability are very different. In addition, we use a new material in our nail salon: "Gel Acrylic", which is described as "the sculpting system of the future". Like me, many of my colleagues in the industry take these steps, one at a time, leaving acrylic behind.


Classic spa pedicure helps balance the feet and relaxes from the soles of the feet up, while spa pedicures soothe and stimulate the feet and calves. Contains a blend of aromatic foot baths, detailed cuticle cleansing, pedicure care, scrubs, callus removal, massage with unique moisturizer. Complete with polish. A spa pedicure, starting with a scented foot bath, will help soothe tired, aching feet and legs. Trim nails, smooth cuticles, remove calluses, exfoliate, mask with hot towels and then massage feet and calves with hot stones to relieve stress like never before. Complete with polish. Take self-care to the next level with our pedicure set - your skin will thank you! Thanks to the infusion, this pedicure perfectly cleanses the skin. Pedicure Near Me Miami Lakes. They exfoliate and remove dirt naturally. Soak your feet in a concentrated sea salt bath and wrap them in a warm, relaxing towel. Rub the honey mixture on calves and feet and massage gently for soft, radiant skin.

Gel Nails

At Yournailbar we perform the best gel nails in Miami. Keep in mind that gel nails usually look more natural than acrylic nails, but they are less resistant. When doing them, you should know that the gel is ready to use, but it is necessary to dry it under a special lamp, and it is removed with a lathe and filing. How long your gel do nails last? Gel nails last from three to five weeks and, well done, they have to protect the health, with a correct preparation of the natural nail and quality products. The result must be natural and perfect.

Nail Salon

Nail Salon, favorably located in Coral Gables, Mi Nail Bar Spa wants to bring you the best moments in life. Welcome to our nail salon, where you are sure to experience the best service at an affordable price, plus a spacious and clean space. My Nail Bar Spa is always being updated with the latest technologies and trends in the nail industry. Thanks to many years of experience, we pride ourselves on excellent work. Pedicure Near Me Miami Lakes. Our staff always works with talent and enthusiasm. You will receive careful and thorough treatment at all times. Our nail salons understand that safety and hygiene are key to your peace of mind. Our tools are medically disinfected and sanitized after each use. The staff uses only the best spa equipment and rigorous staff training and management procedures. Yes, you can rest assured that you are well taken care of. If you need a manicure or wonder why so many Coral Gables residents visit our salon, visit us today.


Manicure, nail care goes a long way in maintaining strong nails and ensuring healthy growth. Let us rejuvenate your nails without damaging your natural nails. For a classic manicure, relax while nail polish is rinsed off, nails are shaped and hands are immersed in warm water. The skin is trimmed and cared for, hands and arms are massaged with lotion and then buffed. Manicure services, extensive beauty services and new colors to choose from ensure the best possible service while we strive to do it right. Pedicure Near Me Miami Lakes. Check out our price list below! Our nail salon always strives to give you a fair price! My Nail Bar provides unisex service to make everyone look beautiful. Our team of nine stylists are here to support your vision and unleash your inner light. We only use styling products. Our nail and makeup professionals have worked with several production companies, call or email us to schedule an appointment today!

Semi-permanent Hands

Keep the nails of your hands amazing and intact for longer with our semi-permanent manicure. This process is done with professional and exclusive products from our salon, with a fast drying technique with UV light, to guarantee a luxurious result, the care of your natural nails and a durability of 2 to 3 weeks. We also perform the removal of your semi-permanent nail polish, guaranteeing the care and protection of your natural nails, with the best methods and professional products, exclusive to our salon. Pedicure Near Me Miami Lakes.

The Best Nails in Miami

Fiberglass nails are more fragile than the previous nails because they are made of fiberglass. They are stronger and more durable than gels, which can be one of the most expensive techniques to manufacture and maintain. And they are also more difficult to wear every day. 3D decoration, a technique that can be done with acrylic or gel plastination, but today new ways have been discovered to place 3D decoration on sculptured nails. There is also a semi-permanent polish option through a 3D printer, where you can create nail patterns like never before, where bumps and graphic overlays are part of the look. Semi-permanent polish is applied similarly to traditional polish, but lasts longer. It is a much less thick gel that allows you to create a natural nail color without stretching. It usually lasts 15/20 days, although it all depends on how the nail grows and how you take care of it every day.

The main Nail Techniques are:

Acrylic nails: Artificial nails based on a special liquid (monomer) and a porcelain powder. With proper follow-up they are usually more resistant and therefore also more durable than gel nails. Pedicure Near Me Miami Lakes.
Gel Nails: They are more advanced technology, the result is the same as acrylic nails, although gel nails are more flexible.
Fiberglass nails: They are more fragile than the previous ones, since they are based on fiberglass. They are more resistant and durable than the gel ones, but they are perhaps one of the most expensive techniques to make and maintain. They are also more difficult to wear on a daily basis.

Best Nail Salons in Coral

3D Decorations: This technique can be done through acrylic or gel plasteling but nowadays, new ways of placing a 3D decoration on top of the sculpted nails are becoming known. There is also the option of a semi-permanent polish through 3D printers, where you can create nail models that we have never seen before, with reliefs and superimposed figures that are part of a single piece. Pedicure Near Me Miami Lakes.
Semi-permanent Nail Polish: It is applied in a similar way to traditional nail polish, but with much longer lasting results. It is a much less dense type of gel that provides color on the natural nail, without the need for lengthening. It usually lasts between 15/20 days, although it all depends on the growth of the nail and how you take care of them on a daily basis.

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