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French manicure

Classic pedicure helps balance the feet and relaxes from the soles of the feet up, while spa pedicures soothe and stimulate the feet and calves. Contains a blend of aromatic foot baths, detailed cuticle cleansing, pedicure care, scrubs, callus removal, and massage with a unique moisturizer. Complete with polish. A spa pedicure, starting with a scented foot bath, will help soothe tired, aching feet and legs. Trim nails, smooth cuticles, remove calluses, exfoliate, mask with hot towels and then massage feet and calves with hot stones to relieve stress like never before. Complete with polish.
Take self-care to the next level with our pedicure set – your skin will thank you! Thanks to the infusion, this pedicure perfectly cleanses the skin. They exfoliate and remove dirt naturally. Soak your feet in a concentrated sea salt bath and wrap them in a warm, relaxing towel. Rub the honey mixture on calves and feet and massage gently for soft, radiant skin.